Frederik Diness

Title: Dr

First name: Frederik

Surname: Diness

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I am from Denmark and have a background as PhD in medicinal chemistry. I started of with research within carbohydrate chemistry in my masters (The Technical University of Denmark 2001). Then I worked as a chemist in the medicinal industry (Polypeptide Laboratory) for a short period of time before starting my PhD at the Carlsberg Laboratory under supervision of Prof. Morten Meldal. In my PhD project I worked on solid-phase organic chemistry targeting G-Protein coupled receptor ligands and assay development. After obtaining my PhD (2006) I moved to the Department of Medicinal Chemistry, University of Copenhagen to take up a postdoc position within metal organic and heterocyclic chemistry with Prof. Mikael Begtrup. I here worked mainly on the chemistry of perfluoronated aromatic compounds including cross couplings, direct nucleophilic substitution, lithiation and photochemistry. For a long time I have been interested in the work of the Fairlie group particularly the work on cyclic peptides containing oxazoles/thiazoles in the backbone. This has led me to interest in using these peptides as supermolecular tools for mimicking protein surfaces and to join the Fairlie group within this field.

Research interests:
My primary research interests are centered on using amino acids as synthones for synthesis of biological active chiral small constrained scaffolds, peptide mimetics and small peptides. However I have a wide and general interest in organic synthesis, medicinal chemistry, solid-phase chemistry and technologies, photochemistry, peptide mimics/isosters, turn mimics, receptor-ligand/enzyme-inhibitor interactions, drug discovery, assay technology and neurology/brain research.

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