Jade Blakeney

Title: Dr

First name: Jade

Surname: Blakeney

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I completed both my honours in Biotechnology and PhD in the Fairlie group in 2008. I then decided to study medicine and conduct postdoctoral research part-time.
When I first applied to the group, there were two features that brought it to my attention; its interest in development of new anti-inflammatory therapies and that it currently had a drug candidate, developed within the group, in clinical trials. After my interview with David, I was further impressed with the facilities available, cutting edge science and all the different approaches used in developing new drug candidates. Perhaps more importantly it was brought home that this group was open to discussion, helping each other and had an open friendly environment that promotes good science.

The main focus of my research is the development and investigation of new complement receptor ligands. This research involved features of peptide and medicinal chemistry, structural studies as well as cell biological and in vitro assaying. These techniques are only a very small subset of the skills utilized in the group and there is always more to learn.


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Nonpeptidic ligands for peptide-activated G protein-coupled receptors. Blakeney JS; Reid RC; Le GT; Fairlie DP. Chem Rev 2007, 107 (7), 2960-3041.

“Nonpeptidic ligands that target peptide-activated GPCRs in inflammation”. Blakeney JS; Fairlie DP. Curr Med Chem 2005, 12(25), 3027-42.

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