Annika Yau

Title: Ms

First name: Annika

Surname: Yau

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 I’m originally from Malaysia and I came to Brisbane to complete my Bachelor of Science degree (organic chemistry major) in 2004. After graduating, I worked as a research assistant in Alchemia for two and a half years and then I joined Fairlie group and currently pursuing my PHD degree.
I choose to join Fairlie group because of the interesting research work, good laboratory facilities which include computer modeling for chemical design, equipment for solution and solid phase synthesis including mini-blocks and a microwave reactor for parallel synthesis, HPLC and other chromatographic equipment, NMR and MS spectrometers for chemical characterisation. There are very experienced chemists and biologists in the group supporting my research areas and I benefit a lot when working with them.
Research Interest
My previous research includes the synthesis of carbohydrate-based compounds that involved solution and solid phase chemistry, microwave-assisted organic synthesis and combinatorial library production using IRORI technology. My current research is to discover potent agonists and antagonists for protease-activated receptor-2 or other GPCRs.

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