Praveer Gupta

Title: Mr

First name: Praveer

Surname: Gupta

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After graduating from the University of Queensland in 2007, I worked in a Biotech company (Alchemia), for almost two years. In the company I was heavily involved in synthesizing Galactose and Glucose building blocks and further in glycosylations.
Then I joined Profesor David Fairlie’s group to do PhD for advancement of my scientific career.

Research interests:

- Designing and synthesising inhibitors for HDACs
- Enzyme assays to identify the selective HDAC inhibitors.

Selected Publications:
Martin J. Stoermer,Keith J. Chappell,Susann Liebscher,Christina M. Jensen,Chun H. Gan,Praveer K. Gupta,Wei-Jun Xu,† Paul R. Young,‡ and David P. Fairlie “Potent Cationic Inhibitors of West Nile Virus NS2B/NS3 Protease With Serum Stability, Cell Permeability and Antiviral Activity” J. Med. Chem. 2008, 51, 5714-5721

Former Group Members