Sing Ngooi

Title: Ms

First name: Sing

Surname: Ngooi

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I am currently pursuing my undergraduate degree in Bsc of Biotechnology (Hons), majoring in molecular biotechnology. I have choosen to work in Fairlie group as part of the biology group since I have started my summer project. Then, I continued my honours in the same lab to complete my last year degree.  

My project interest is focused on profiling intracellular signal transduction of protease activated receptor 2 (PAR2) using novel anti-inflammatory compounds. By doing this project, I have gained deeper understanding on

·      Signal modulation of GPCR

·      Ligand-receptor interaction

·      Signal modulation of PAR2

·      Potential agonists and antagonists of PAR2 as drug candidates

Moreover, I get experience using the high throughput screening assays for testing on library of PAR2 compounds. Thus, working in this lab greatly improved my laboratory skills including experimental design, analytical thinking as well as learning from failing.

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