Justin Mitchell


First name: Justin

Surname: Mitchell

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I completed my Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Science - Honors through The University of Queensland. Under the supervision of Professor David Pow, I utilised molecular (RNA isolation, RT-PCR, primer design, cloning) and protein (western blot) based techniques to search for novel isoforms of the Taurine transporter.  


Following undergraduate studies, I spent a year as an RA working at The University of Queensland within the School of Biomedical Science for Associate Professor Peter Thorn. During this time I gained experience using new techniques (two-photon microscopy, tissue slicing, insulin assays, primary tissue culture) to examine localization and molecular mechanisms associated with insulin secretion from mouse Beta cells within pancreatic islets.


I have recently joined Fairlie Lab to begin a PhD investigating intracellular signaling pathways associated with G-Protein coupled receptors involved in diabetes, metabolism and inflammation.

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