Wei Jun Xu


First name: Wei Jun

Surname: Xu

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In year 2006, I completed my Bachelor of Science (Hons in Biochemistry) from the University of Queensland by taking a computer aided drug discovery research under supervision of Professor David Fairlie and Dr Martin Stoermer from IMB. The research involved virtual screening against a viral serine protease (West nile virus NS2B-NS3 protease) and a human cysteine protease, caspase-1 to discover non-peptidic organic compounds as putative inhibitors. Upon graduation, I went to Singapore to work as a lecturer in Singapore Polytechnic for 7 years. During the past several years I have always been missing my study and research life in Brisbane and this has driven me to return to Fairlie group recently to pursue a Ph.D grogram in Computer-aided Drug Discovery targeting various proteins such as proteases and GPCRs.


Fairlie group has the most up to date research facilities and strong expertise in both chemistry and biology field. I look forward to learning different aspects in drug design from the scientists in our lab.



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