Eduard Neu

Title: Mr

First name: Eduard

Surname: Neu

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I completed my degree in pharmaceutical science in 2017 in Marburg, Germany.  During my studies, I spend a semester at the University College Cork in Ireland with the ERASMUS-scholarship and a semester at the Queensland University of Technology with the Hessen-Queensland exchange program.  After graduation with high distinction, I decided to continue my studies with a master's degree in medicinal chemistry, again in Marburg. During my course, I could deepen my skills in organic and analytic chemistry as well as biochemistry and chemical biology. I joined the Fairlie Group in February 2018 for my master's thesis founded by a national scholarship. During my time in the group, I will synthesis small molecules to address the PAR2 receptor.


Research interests


During my first degree, I gained a strong insight into the fields of pharmacology, biotechnology, pharmaceutics and medicinal chemistry. My personal interest was mainly focused on medicinal chemistry and on what comes along with it. So I focused my studies mainly on organic synthesis and drug design during my second degree. I’m fascinated by the way modern drug modelling with the help of crystal structures enables researchers to design drugs tailored to the target. Synthesizing does theoretically designed molecules and facing occurring synthetic challenges is what drives me.


Future goals


After my master's degree in medicinal chemistry, I will pursue a Ph.D. degree in medicinal chemistry with a focus on design and synthesis of small molecules.


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