Huy Nguyen


First name: Huy

Surname: Nguyen

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I hold a Bachelor’s degree in pharmaceutical sciences from the University of Copenhagen, Denmark. I chose to specialize in the early years in synthetic organic chemistry and I published my Bachelor’s thesis on the synthesis of triazole-based building blocks for arylopeptoid “peptidomimetics” with Professor John Nielsen. In 2016/2017, I commenced a 1-year full-time research project as an undergraduate research assistant on the synthesis and biological evaluation of HDAC inhibitors based on a cyclic tetrapeptide scaffold with Professor Christian Adam Olsen. 

My interest in organic chemistry and medicinal chemistry prompted me to enrol in the Master’s programme in Medicinal Chemistry at the University of Copenhagen. As part of the programme I re-joined the group of Professor John Nielsen for a half-year research project on the design and synthesis of pyridyloxazolidinones as potential antibacterial agents. For my Master’s thesis I joined Professor David Fairlie with the Fairlie Group at the University of QLD, based on its vast experience in peptide medicinal chemistry.

Research interests

My main aim as a medicinal chemist is to continue the development of inhibitors of interactions between biomacromolecules (e.g. protein-protein inhibitors or protein-RNA inhibitors) by approaches including synthetic organic chemistry, peptide chemistry and rational drug design etc.

Future goals

To pursue a Ph.D. and subsequent post-doctoral positions in peptide medicinal chemistry with no geographical preference.

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