Jacky Suen

Title: Dr

First name: Jacky

Surname: Suen

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I was finishing my B. Applied Science (Biotechnology) at QUT and looking for a honours project when I contacted David. The first meeting took over 1 hour and it impressed me the degree of freedom I can have in the project offered to me. The possibility of having a group of chemists working with you and providing you tools and probes to understand cellular biology is more than what any biologists can ask for. Together with the newly built Institute for Molecular Bioscience (IMB) and its cutting edge facility, I decided this is where I will start my post-graduate study, which now includes both my honours and PhD with the Fairlie group.

Problem solving has always been something I enjoy and in science there are plenty. In addition, I would like to see my research matures and turn into something beneficial for the general public. At least that is the aim. Therefore, most of the projects I’ve been involved in included potential treatments targeting certain diseases.

In the future, I would like to see my research helps in reducing side effects of drugs targeting GPCRs, which is a group of protein on cell surface and accounts for ~30% of all drug targets. I would hope that my work would eventually help to better understand the complexity of GPCR activation/inhibition, as well as profiling the effects of drugs on cells. In addition, I would like to take up some forms of lecturing position. Teaching has always been my interest for a long time, and it would be great fun to be able to do that at the tertiary level.

Research Interest:

“A refined agonist pharmacophore for Protease Activated Receptor-2.” Barry, G.D.; Suen, J.Y.; Low H.B.; Pfeiffer B.; Flanagan B.; Halili M.; Le G.T.; Fairlie D.P. Biooganic & Medicianl Chemistry Letters 2007, 17, 5552-7.

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